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Google Chrome Enterprise consist of the operating system, browser and devices essential for your team to operate effectively and securely in a cloud-driven environment.

Business hardware

Harnessing the power of top-tier resources is key to unlocking your team's fullest potential. At Waran Cloud, we equip your business with enterprise-grade hardware, designed to transform your organisation's operations into a more secure, stable, and collaborative environment.

Whether your employees are stationed in the office or working on the frontline, our solutions ensure everyone has the tools they need to excel. Let Waran Cloud be the catalyst for your organisation's cloud-driven success.

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    Chrome OS devices

    Discover a new world of efficiency with Chrome OS devices. These devices are not just fast, lightweight, and intuitive but also harness the power of Google Workspace and Google Play Store apps. Chrome OS devices are designed to drive productivity and foster innovation in your team. Plus, they are protected by built-in, multi-layered security from Chrome OS, offering peace of mind alongside performance.
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